Órla Foyle Writer

Poet Writer Short and Novel

January 2019Welcome to my new site under the English version of my name. The as gaeilge spelling (Órfhlaith) has been replaced, and now reads as written on my original birth certificate – Órla. My mother had wanted my name as gaeilge but she was advised that it might be misspelled and just write it down short and sweet.

And I am short too. So it still fits.

August 2019

My short story Joseph Now and Ever After has been published in The Lonely Crowd issue 11 (The Lonely Press

June 2019

I will be giving a workshop at the Irish Writer’s Centre https://irishwriterscentre.ie/collections/all-courses/products/strength-of-character-workshop-with-orla-foyle on Strength of Character on the 15th of June 2019.

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